5 Tips to Encourage Conversation During Your Corporate Event

Orlando corporate event planning is difficult on it’s own, but when you promise an interactive event experience, and then throw a group of complete strangers into a room and expect them to get along, things can get a little quiet. To avoid awkward silences and uncomfortable situations, an event management team will push to facilitate one-on-one communication by establishing niche environments for professionals to thrive.

Here are five tips that will help your corporate event attendees break the ice and get to know one another. Follow these tips and your corporate event will have open and flowing conversations without the threat of that ominous cricket-chirping-in-the-background feel.

  1. Consider a pre-event networking campaign. Some events encourage their perspective attendees to use social media to post selfies with images or banners of the event. That way attendees have a general idea of who is going and what they do. It also helps to increase social interaction on the event or hosting organization’s website. The hosting site should share the photos and add appropriate hashtags for increased visibility. This tactic alone will give your attendees something to talk about.

  2. Mix things up in a unique way. Assign tables in a fun way. Get as creative as you can and match the random-selection process with your theme. Have the attendees decide their own fate by pulling a certain colored lanyard out of a hat or make them draw a card and based on their suit, deciding the group in which they belong. This encourages member to network and mingle outside their coworker circles.

  3. Encourage attendees to answer some of life’s big questions with a total stranger. Some meeting groups will put a topic wheel or workbooks on the table so that individuals can break the ice and talk about a series of deep, yet abstract, topics. Other organizations have gotten really creative and made fortune cookies with conversation topics inside.

  4. Use lunch time as a networking event. An Orlando corporate event planning expert will look for nontraditional ways to get your attendees to interact. Consider loading up picnic baskets with 8 or 9 meals, hand them out to attendees, and let them randomly select their lunch group.

  5. Give your attendees a light-hearted break. Allowing your attendees to have a midday gaming break will help them to relax, get their creative juices flowing, and it will help them to make personal connection with other attendees. Plus, we all need a break every once and a while, so they’ll appreciate it.

Remember the purpose of your corporate event. You want to gather a group of individuals, with a common interest and have them share their ideas and make connections. Help your attendees get the most out of your event. If you need some help with the planning, contact Fun Planners, your Orlando corporate event planning experts. We’ll help you reach all of your corporate event goals in a unique and memorable way.