3 Innovative Trends in Event Tech

It’s no surprise that the event planning industry has recently taken a dip in the technology field as well. When it comes to enhancing events and making them more memorable for event-goers, it’s important that Orlando event planners keep in mind these valuable trends that can take any event from drab to fab.

Eco-Friendly Deals

The best way to encourage a more “green” event is to incorporate more digital favors. Get rid of the swag, the glitter, and confetti that often clutter the venue floors. Instead, opt for great lighting techniques, e-gift card raffles, and more that way you’re still creating an immersive and positive experience for attendees, but you’re also diminishing your environmental impact!

Live Streaming is the New Thing

At this point, we’ve all dabbled in a little bit of live streaming. Did you know it could also be a great way to market your events too? Live streaming allows attendees to share real-time memories with their social media profiles. Not only can this garner people to share, comment, and like, it also is a great way to get more exposure for your company!

Crowdsourced Content

Putting like-minded people at the forefront of your event is something that many Orlando event planners forget. If you’re holding a conference or even a concert, incorporating user-generated content is a great way to be seen on social media and the Internet. Include a screen where people can ask questions or a live feed of tweets that use similar or relevant hashtags. Whether a big or small event, user-generated content is one of the simplest and most effective ways to get more brand exposure!

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