3 Fun Corporate Picnic Themes

Spring and summer are the perfect times to plan a corporate event that gets your employees out of the office and into the fresh air. A corporate picnic is a wonderful way to provide an afternoon full of food and fun for your organization. Your employees will welcome the opportunity to socialize outdoors while eating delicious food and enjoying the beautiful weather. The professionals in Florida corporate events at Fun Planners have a few ideas on how to transform an ordinary picnic into a unique, entertaining event that your company will appreciate.

Internationally Inspired

You don’t have to host a typical picnic with sandwiches and potato chips. Try incorporating a theme with food from other cultures, and use decorations to add zesty aesthetic to the outing. Have the picnic consist of a combination of items from all around the world such as yummy tacos, Italian scones, German bratwursts, Greek salad, and fruity Japanese sodas. With this theme, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

Sporty Shenanigans

Center the picnic around a certain sport, and everyone will enjoy the idea of getting to eat the food found at sporting events. Whether it’s a baseball, basketball, golf, or soccer game, your staff will love getting out and enjoying a crowd favorite. In addition to hot dogs, hamburgers, soft pretzels, and nachos, make the picnic even more entertaining by encouraging everyone to participate in a friendly game together in accordance with the theme. Offer prizes to the team or player who shows the most enthusiasm or teamwork.

Block Party

If these options don’t appeal to you, hosting a picnic that everyone’s used to is also a great route to take when planning a corporate outing. A block party can have the traditional BBQ food including grilled chicken, burgers, watermelon, lemonade, and mac & cheese. Incorporate fun games like a dunk tank, rock wall climbing, or an inflatable obstacle course.

The experts in Florida corporate events at Fun Planners have everything you need to pull off an unforgettable company picnic. Once you have an idea in mind and want to bring a vision to life, we can help with any service you require. Leave the mouthwatering catering, endless supply of games and activities, and overall genuine entertainment to us.