3 Attributes of a Successful Team That Can Be Enhanced With Team Building

As Americans, we spend the majority of our time at work. As such, this creates an unusual situation when we’re surrounded by people we don’t enjoy being around. Not only is your employees satisfaction and happiness at stake, but your company may be at risk as well.

It’s no secret that work productivity is directly linked to employees personal connection with coworkers. A recent study completed by Unify, a communications software company, has established and quantified the attributes of a successful team. All of these attributes can be enhanced through Orlando team building.

Friendly competition during team building exercises stimulates friendly conversation and deep bonding that could help focus your employees. Having regular team building activities will make your employees comfortable with one another, increasing the likelihood of them speaking up during meetings, and pitching new ideas without fear of rejection. Listed below are the hallmarks and attributes of a successful team, that regular Orlando team building will help to enhance within the workforce.

  1. Personability. Nearly 71% of people involved in effective teams have personal conversations, unrelated to work, on a daily or weekly basis. In a less proficient team, only 38% of employees converse with their coworkers on a personal level. Team building will increase your coworker’s personability and comfort with one another.

  2. Candid. Being candid, or truthful is another attribute of a successful team. About 84% of successful teams are likely to voice disagreements. Regular team building will help your team vocalize more within their personal and work lives.

  3. Collaboration. 77% of teams who are noticeably successful report that less than a quarter of their meetings are filled with one-way monologues. Team building activities are about collaboration. This allow your team to practice and enhance this skill in a unique and fun way.

Increase the frequency in which you organize team building activities and your team will start displaying the hallmarks of a successful team. For assistance in your next Orlando team building effort, contact the dedicated event specialists at Fun Planners. We will help you plan an amazing team building activity for your employees that will be fun and beneficial to your organization.