5 Ways to Become an Efficient Leader During Team Building Exercises

A great leader is the hallmark of every great team. A team leader makes difficult decisions for the betterment of the group, makes course corrections and devises a standard for performance for the rest of the group. Because of all these factors, a team leader is an integral part of the Orlando team building process. When team building, you work as a group to reach a common goal, but each team needs a leader to help, not dictate, the team’s operation.

Here are 5 simple things a team leader should do during team building and everyday work activities:

  1. Evaluate your leadership style. You need to be able to critique yourself and recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Treat your team fairly and remember, you’re accountable for the team building activities success.

  2. Know your team. You should know your team’s dynamic, as well as each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. If you’re the one who was nominated, or who requested the Orlando team building leadership role, you need to know your team.

  3. Define clear roles and responsibilities. During a team building, and work related, activity, each individual’s responsibilities are interconnected and dependent on one another. Communicate your strategy and make sure your team know’s what they’re suppose to be doing.

  4. Be proactive and give insightful feedback. Don’t scream at your team members if they’re doing something wrong. Feedback should be given constantly and it should not be a reaction to a problem. It’s also important to remember that not all feedback is about corrections, tell your team how well they’re doing during the activity. People love to be recognized for good deeds, and they’ll appreciate the respect.

  5. Celebrate your success. ALWAYS celebrate your team’s success. Having a short cheering fit after you’ve completed a team building activity is not enough. Make sure that your team understands how successful they are, how much you appreciate them and how their success has positively impacted others.

This advice is not only applicable for team building leaders, it also applies to managers and company leaders. But a great leader knows that their success is due to their team. Whether you’re the CEO, running a multibillion dollar company, or just the guy who volunteered to lead your small team during your company’s annual team building picnic, knowing how to effectively run your team will result in current and future success.

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