Top 5 Team Building Exercises to Get Your Team On Track

For several years, Fun Planners has helped to shape many team building programs that not only promote an organizations or foundations goal, but to also excite all employees and members involved. As the Orlando weather starts to tone down, now is the time to be thinking about Orlando team building exercises for your company or organization.

Fun Planners has created a list of the top 5 Team Building Exercises that help get your team on track this fall.

  1. Poker Tower – Distribute your employees into groups of 2-5 and distribute a pack of poker cards and one pair of scissors to each group. Each group will have to build the tallest tower using only the cards and scissors.
    1. This activity promotes: Team Work, Communication, Friendly Competition, Creativity. Time: 15-30 min.
  2. Silly Olympics – Create an array of events with Silly Olympics that include giant tricycles, over sized puzzles, big foot relay, and much more.
    1. This activity promotes: Team Work, Communication, Competition, Physical Activity. Time: Varies based on each Olympic event.
  3. Talking in Circles – Place a long string or rope in a circle and have your team stand around the circle. Make sure it is big enough for each member in your group to grab a hold of. Instruct each member to grab a piece of the rope with both hands and hold it waist high. Without letting go of the rope, instruct the team to form shapes such as triangles, rectangles, etc. Once you have successfully done that, do the activity with their eyes closed.
    1. This activity promotes: Light Physical Activity, Communication. Time: 45 min – 1 hour
  4. Human Knot – A popular activity with many organizations. Here, your group stand in a circle, shoulder-to-shoulder. Each member takes their right hand and grabs the hand of someone standing across from them, not next to them. Then the members take their left hand and grab the hand of any other person. The team must untangle themselves without breaking the chain.
    1. This activity promotes: Light Physical Activity, Communication, Creative Skills, Problem Solving. Time: 30 minutes
  5. Physical Challenges – It’s important to know the physical limitations of your members before deciding to do any physical challenges so that you don’t alienate any team members. If everyone is on board, you can have great physical challenges for team building events such as: Obstacle Courses, Rock Climbing, Relay Races, and much more. If you work with an Orlando team building company, they can build you a “course” of physical challenges that will suit your needs.
    1. This activity promotes: Heavy Physical Activity, Communication Time: Varies based on each activity.

There are a wide variety of options for team building events in Florida, and Fun Planners can help you determine the best team-building exercise for your needs. To learn more about our Orlando team building, contact us at 1-866-511-4FUN.