The Importance of Hiring the Right Event Staff

One of the biggest challenges that Orlando event planning experts face these days in hiring the right staff who are qualified and driven. Here are our some of our best techniques for finding like-minded, proactive, and successful planners for your company.

Pay Special Attention to Requirements

One way to ensure you’re attracting the correct applicants is by triple checking your job requirements and duties. A quick rule of thumb, if you’re not spending time to craft your perfect job descriptions, your applicants won’t either! Take time to lay down day-to-day duties and what your company culture is like. This will encourage applicants to be detailed and exact when sending a cover letter or resume!

Ask Applicants Specific Questions

The more mundane questions you ask in an interview, the less you’ll really get to know your potential employees. Be sure to ask them specific questions about their experiences so you know what to expect. You can even throw in questions about how they would handle potential situations, that way you can get an idea how prepared and proactive they can be.

Guide Potential Employees

Not only are employees looking for mentors and growth, they are also looking for responsibility. It’s important for employers to start slow, create incentives and rewards to encourage responsible actions and make sure you give positive feedback. However, if employees aren’t handling their job tasks efficiently, don’t be afraid to tell them! Often, if employees are doing something wrong or incorrectly, they want to learn and understand what their employers are looking for.

We understand that hiring the right Orlando event planning professionals for your company can be difficult. That’s why we’re here to help with event planning needs! If you want more tips or tricks, feel free to contact us anytime at 407-955-4949.