Simple Team Building Ideas for You & Your Organization

It’s no secret that team building can be beneficial for your organization’s productivity and success. Team building promotes cohesiveness, positive attitudes, and an overall pleasant work environment. There are many different activities that can serve as team building events, and they don’t have to be elaborate or pricey. Let the pros in Orlando team building at Fun Planners help you plan an effective, uncomplicated team building event. Here are a few ideas:

  • Obstacle Course

Teams will have to rely heavily on communication and teamwork to skillfully navigate an obstacle course. This is a fun, challenging way to bring everyone closer together. Promote friendly competition among your organization by providing an incentive for the winning team.

  • Life Highlights

This is more of a reflective team building activity, and it will encourage openness and trust among your team members. Each person closes their eyes and recalls the most memorable, happy moments in their lives. These moments can include events such as the birth of their child, their wedding day, an unforgettable vacation, or even getting that job promotion they had been working so hard for. Then, with their eyes still closed,  each person will narrow their answers down in response to this question: If you only had 30 seconds to left to live, which 30 seconds of your life would it be?  Allow each member to respond and reflect. This activity will allow for intimate conversations that will let each person’s personalities and passions shine.

  • Trust Circle

A trust circle is a classic way to increase the bond between your team, and it will likely cause lots of laughter too. Have the team members stand in a circle, and randomly call two names (preferably two colleagues who don’t know each other well) and have them stand in the center of the circle. Assign one member to fall and the other to catch. The person falling is blindfolded, and when the rest of the group tells him or her to fall, she must completely rely on the other person. Although it may be tricky for your team to relax at first, this activity promotes the feeling of safety as well as trust among everyone.

These simple ideas are a wonderful way to get you and your team together to create positive relationships while having fun at the same time. The Orlando team building enthusiasts at Fun Planners are here to help with your next event, whether it’s complex or simple!