Rent Inflatable Games For Any Occasion!

Are you looking for something exciting yet unique to incorporate into a company picnic or special event that’s fun for nearly anyone? Inflatable boxing rings and gladiator pedestal jousts are becoming a hit at birthday parties, and even company picnic events, that let you get out a little frustration by (nicely) beating up your friends or coworkers!

Inflatable boxing rings and gladiator jousts are made from the same material as a bounce house and are fun for teenagers and adults! Gear up with inflatable boxing gloves or don your helmet and joust, and get ready for a heart-pumping match against your friends and coworkers. Inflatable carnival games are a great option for Orlando team building events in addition to birthday parties and special events, and can have you feeling like a kid again.

You might want to focus on your balance for both the boxing and jousting if you’re looking to beat your opponent! Jousting requires you to stand on a pedestal holding a large inflatable joust that is used to knock off your opponent. You will realize that as soon as you step onto the bouncy battlefield that balance will be the key to winning against your opponent in boxing! You definitely won’t want to miss out on the hilarity that will ensure with you, your friends and your coworkers when you all try your best to be on top!

If you’re looking for an exciting activity to incorporate into your company picnic in Orlando, Fun Planners can help you find entertainment that best fits your needs! Whether you decide to go with inflatable boxing or gladiator pedestal jousting or any other type of carnival game, we have exactly what you’re looking for and more. Call our Orlando event planning company at 407-880-3521 to learn about what services we offer or to receive a quote!