Enjoy the Nostalgia of the 80s with Arcade Rentals

Arcade games have stood the test of time, even through the endless number of video game enhancements over the decades, and they are here to stay. It’s no surprise that they are still popular even amidst the highly advanced consoles of the 21st century. Even the newest consoles are porting over classic games like Pacman, Donkey Kong and Galaga. Arcades can be a great addition to any type of special or Orlando corporate event because people of all ages can enjoy these classic and nostalgic games.

One of the reasons that these types of video games are still so popular is because of the nostalgia that it brings it’s older users. Back when arcades were popular, people would have competitions to see how quickly you could win, or to see how many points you could get. Friends would gather in groups just to watch the most skilled player in the neighborhood get to the last level of Donkey Kong.

Another reason why arcade games are still so popular is because they are easy to get into and very user friendly. If you’re thinking about renting an arcade for a social or Orlando corporate event, keep in mind that nearly anyone can enjoy the games without having to go through a number of “training” sessions that a lot of newer games seem to incorporate.

Whether you’re an expert at Ms. Pacman or Galaga, Fun Planners is your go-to for arcade rentals no matter what type of game you are looking for. If you’re looking for unique and fun entertainment that everyone can get into, rent an arcade for your next Orlando corporate event! Call us at 1-866-511-4FUN or check out our online catalogue to see our selection of arcades.