Planning a Poker Event

Few games have kept their popularity as alive throughout the years as poker. Its simplistic combination of luck and skill makes for exciting and unpredictable play. No matter if it’s within a group of friends, online, or at official casinos, this game is highly social in nature. One of the greatest benefits of poker is the ability to raise funds for a good cause. So how can you host the most successful charity poker event? Let the Orlando event management professionals at Fun Planners show you how you should plan your poker event.

  • How much will chips cost?: In the game of poker, once the player’s chips are out, they either buy more to continue to play or leave the table. You can regulate how much each chip costs. Make sure to give the player the opportunity to purchase more chips while the event is in progress.
  • Have a personal prize: Keeping in mind that all proceeds will be put towards a charity, have one or two personal prizes for final game winners or table winners. It’s also recommended to invite your guests to participate in a prize pool. Be sure to price cap these items, and ensure your guests that these items are given to winners instead of the charity.
  • Spread the word: Handing out invites at the office is a great way to spread the word of a charity poker night. An even better idea is to utilize social media, such as Facebook. By creating an invitation through Facebook, you can see exactly who is and isn’t attending. Remind the guests that the real reason behind the event is to raise money for charity.
  • Know the rules: There’s a variety of mixed poker games, so make sure that your guests are informed on what’s being played. It’s a good idea to create a quick, informative list of poker terms that guests can review during the event.

In addition to these best practices, there’s an abundance of laws and regulations that come with the game of poker. This is because real money is being dealt. If you find these rules overwhelming, no need to worry! The Orlando event management professionals at Fun Planners host poker tournaments including all legal aspects of it. If you need help hosting your charity poker night, contact us to receive a quote.