Hunger Games Themed Party

The Hunger Games movie premiered last night at midnight, and has already become a sensation. In fact, the movie, which is based off the trilogy created by Suzanne Collins, broke box office records before it even hit the theaters; statistics from Fandango claimed that over 2,000 theaters sold out during their midnight showings. If you’re a Hunger Games buff, celebrate the release with a Hunger Games themed party!

Before purchasing supplies from our online party store for your Hunger Games party, think about the color scheme you wish to use. We suggest using black, red, orange, and yellow (see Figure 1). decorations as these colors symbolize fire, a major theme of the trilogy. We offer these colors in various decorating accessories: plastic plates, square plates, paper plates, plastic cups, napkins, silverware, table covers, and table skirts (see Figure 2). Mix and  match these colors to your choosing for a unique party. Also, don’t forget the balloons! Our party store has a wide variety of any color balloon imaginable.

Figure 1: Yellow Square Plate
Figure 2: Red Table Skirt

For party favors, consider dimming the lights andusing glow decorations: our party store sells glow bracelets (see Figure 3), necklaces, cups, and even straws! Don’t forget to give your Tributes a gift bag to take home—we have black gift bags (see Figure 4) that would be perfect for your guests.

Figure 3: Orange Glow Bracelet
Figure 4: Black Gift Bag

In regards to games, you could even throw your own version of the 74th Annual Hunger Games, albeit a little more friendly. As always, Fun Planners is your destination spot for hot parties. If you are thinking about planning your own party, be sure to check out our online party supply store. If planning a party isn’t necessarily your forte, our trained event planners are experienced in creating your vision into a themed event. To schedule your next event today, give us a call at (407)880-3521.