5 Tips for Planning A Successful Corporate Event

Many managers, business owners, and department heads have gone through the stressful process of planning a successful corporate event.  They don’t know where to start, how to budget, or what activities to include. We understand the stress that goes along with Orlando event planning, and we have devised a list of five tips for planning a successful corporate event.

  • Don’t overdo it.  Event planners tend to get carried away when planning something for their employees.  If it’s your first event, make sure to keep it simple and keep your employees in mind.
  • Identify a theme.  Make sure to identify a theme or a vision for the event before you start planning.  Keep in mind the objective of the event.  Are you throwing an employee appreciation luncheon?  A holiday party?  An annual awards ceremony?  An employee luncheon will most likely be a casual affair.  A holiday party will need festive decorations and activities.  An annual awards ceremony might be more formal, and timing will be everything.  These are all widely different themes with different planning processes.
  • Layout a detailed budget.  When it comes to Orlando event planning, budget is of significant importance.  Make sure to come up with a budget range, and stay at the low end of your budget wherever possible.  Also, research vendors to make sure you are getting the best deal.  Keep a spreadsheet of all of your possible budget combinations to create the most efficient expenditures of your event.
  • Identify your target audience.  It’s important to know who you are throwing this event for, and what they expect out of the event, so you don’t fall short.  Put together a small committee of your employees to help get them involved with the planning process.  That way, you can help to get ideas from your target audience, and not plan the entire event on your own.
  • Schedule your event at a convenient time.  Make sure you are not scheduling your event around the time of a major holiday or a time where many of your employees are out-of-town and taking vacation.  The last thing you would want to do is plan an entire event and have a low turnout rate.

When it comes to Orlando event planning, it’s important to remember to use all of the resources that are available to you.  Fun Planners can help you plan a fun and unique corporate event with various themes, activities and rentals.  Visit our website to inquire about our services.