4 Tips For Choosing The Right Team Building Activity

Team building offers a great opportunity for individuals to learn the essentials of working as a team, but when it comes down to it, many people dread workplace team building events simply because they are not well thought out. It’s important to customize your event to not only fit the needs and goals of the company, but also of the individuals themselves. When considering any team building activity, you want keep in mind a few factors to best fit your achievements and to cater to your employees.

1. Not everyone on the team will have the same physical abilities as the next person, which is something to consider when choosing an event. Some members may have limited mobility, and it’s important to realize that you should consider the individual before you choosing a team activity. It may be best to know how everyone deals with physical tasks on an individual basis.

2. Charitable programs give companies the opportunity to give back while engaging in a team building event. If your group is interested in giving back, charities and fundraisers can be considered as a team builder; if this isn’t necessarily your goal, you can focus on other responsibilities and goals you wish to accomplish, such as activities that act on communication and trust.

3. Selecting an activity is largely based on the space you have to host the event. Is it outdoors with a lot of available space? Perhaps you have an indoor area suitable for a fundraiser or casino event. Before choosing an activity, knowing the location of your team building event is essential!

4. How long is your event going to be? What does the schedule look like for the day? Have a good sense of the day’s schedule when choosing activities; If you only have a few hours to engage in a team building activity, you need to know which activities will fit into that set amount of time. This also gives you the opportunity for a little time management training!

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