4 Relaxed Summer Fundraiser Ideas

If you’ve frequented fundraisers a few times, you’ve probably experienced a similar situation: the fundraiser is a little stuffy, a little uncomfortable, and at the end of the night, you feel that at least you’ve fulfilled your annual charitable obligation. If you’re planning a fundraising event, guests don’t have to feel this way. With the help of the Orlando event planning experts at Fun Planners, you can embrace the festive vibe of summer and create a relaxed and fun fundraising event that attendees will look forward to for years to come. Here are some ideas that can help you achieve that.

  • Outdoor Movie Night

Open up the fundraiser to families with a relaxed, yet memorable outdoor movie night. Ask for a donation to attend, and screen classic summer movies like The Sandlot or National Lampoon’s Vacation. At the fundraiser, a number of items could be sold to raise even more money including movie snacks, raffle tickets, or movie-themed gift baskets. With our inflatable movie screen, outdoor movie night is a simple fundraiser to pull off, but it’s likely not a fundraiser your attendees have seen before.

  • Water Balloon Fight

Invite donors to engage their competitive spirit and reminisce on nostalgic memories of childhood. Host a water balloon fight, and even consider allowing donors to register as teams. Each team or individual could donate to gain entry into the competition. After the competition concludes, invite donors to stay for awhile and enjoy outdoor games and inflatables. This isn’t your average fundraising event, but it will be a fun one.

  • Wine Tasting

Wine tastings can be very enjoyable fundraisers for donors. If you decide to host a wine tasting, it could even be themed as a “girls night out,” allowing women to enjoy each other’s company while also giving back to a cause they presumably care about. At Fun Planners, we’ve got the wine and hors d’oeuvres covered so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a successful fundraiser.

  • Outdoor Concert

There may not be any other event that is so quintessentially summer. Booking the acts for the concert can require a little more effort, but, oftentimes, if there are good performers scheduled, people will pay good money to attend a quality concert. Our audio and visual equipment can help take their performance to the next level.

This summer, if you are planning a fundraising event, consider hosting something that is a little out of the box. A relaxed and maybe even nostalgic summer night will be appreciated, and donors will look forward to the event every year. To work with the best in Orlando event planning, contact us for a quote.