Start Off Strong At Your Next Event

We all know that small talk can be painful — after all, you can only ask someone about the weather so many times! We’ve put together a guide to help you kick off an event that makes your guests comfortable and helps them meet one another right off the bat.

Name Tag Swap

Dive right into the event with an early icebreaker, which minimizes any uncomfortable time at the beginning. Something like a ‘name tag swap’ is perfect! As guests arrive, ask them to intentionally select the wrong name tag. After everyone has arrived and chosen their incorrect name tags, instruct everyone to mingle about the room searching for their name — but there’s a catch! No one can get their name tag back until they’ve asked the other person three questions about themselves.

Live Polls

This is another excellent option for an early icebreaker! This is especially helpful for events with larger crowds. Questions can range from, “How energized are you feeling right now?” to “Where do you want to stop for dessert on the way home?” Conducting a live poll can help the host read the room, liven the atmosphere, and set the tone for your event.

Keep Their Hands Busy

It’s much easier for your guests to dive into a conversation when they’re doing something creative with their hands! If you’re hosting a non-profit event, plan for an area where attendees can create something relevant to the organization, such as decorating cards to send to children at the hospital. If it’s a holiday event, consider setting up an ornament or cookie decorating table. Plan for guests to decorate their own name tags or even cover individual tables with tablecloths everyone can doodle on. The options are endless! Your guests will immediately have something to talk about, whether it’s the project itself or passing materials down the table, and you will feel happy and relieved to see your guests comfortable and mingling.

One Word Stories

Select three to five attendees to come up onstage and create a ‘one-word story.’ Each person can only add one word at a time, which creates a comical, entertaining story! This can be done multiple times. Make sure you also have someone onstage who keeps the participants moving quickly.

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