3 Events an Inflatable is Perfect For

koombo insideIf you are in charge of planning a corporate event, a large-scale fundraiser, or even a company anniversary party, one way to make sure fun can be had for all is to have an Orlando inflatable rental at your event! Children and adults can have fun with an inflatable, and Fun Planners as a large variety of inflatables sure to make your guests happy. And what events could use an inflatable? Here are three that can help get the party started!

  • Church Festival: Church Festivals are great events as whole communities come together to enjoy what a festival has to offer, such as food, music, art, and entertainment. As for entertainment, one way to make a festival’s guests happy is an inflatable, such as our 20 Foot High Inflatable Slide for smaller guests and our Baseball Radar Pitch for older guests. The slide is big enough so that many children can enjoy a very tall slide, while the radar pitch allows adult guests to test their speed and accuracy in which they can throw a baseball.
  • Company Picnic: A company picnic is the perfect time for employees to bring their families to meet the rest of the team. Parents love nothing more than to show off their bundles of joy, and children love nothing more than inflatables! Our 3-Play Sports Combo is perfect for the children attendees as it features a football quarterback toss, a soccer goal kick, and a basketball hoop challenge, all rolled into one!
  • Team Building Day: For a lot of business owners, when they tell their team they are going to participate in a team-building exercise, he or she is met with groans and eye rolling. But what about our Four Player Gladiator Pedestal Joust? Imagine how much fun your employees can have while trying to “dethrone” their opposition on a pedestal. Team building is ensured because it is two on two, meaning collaboration must happen to help secure a win.

For more information on our wide assortment of Orlando inflatable rentals, call Fun Planners today at 407-955-4949, or contact us online. Our inflatables can help take your event from just to OK to just amazing!