How to Promote Your Event

Are you wondering when the best time to promote your event is? Fun Planners, the experts in Orlando event planning, has your step-by-step guidelines and tips to help you promote your upcoming event. Don’t stress — we’ll help you!

Smart SEO
Search Engine Optimization will push your event further up on Google search results. Your potential guests are weeding through the internet to find specific events happening all around them. Your blog post, press release, and event page all need SEO keywords. Research what words people are searching for, and optimize your content with those words.

Special Ticketing
Don’t be basic — boost your sales by giving your guests special ticket prices. It sounds cliche, but you have to give a little to get a return. Mix it up with these ideas:

  • Group Tickets: You want your guests to bring their friends to your event. The more the merrier! Entice your audience by discounting tickets bought as a group. They will feel more motivated to purchase and attend.
  • Early Bird Tickets: Act fast and you’ll be rewarded with a cheaper ticket! Set a limited amount to start so it’s a race. Early birds save money and give early promo to the event.
  • VIP Tickets: People love feeling like they are VIP. Typically, these types of tickets cost more than the general admission ones. However, these guests receive special privileges and extra perks, such as better seating, quick access, and free gifts.
  • Ticket Bundles: Get creative and think about ticket bundles, which give your audience a special treat. For instance, a free drink with your ticket. This will help you keep track of the number of guests, and also encourage them to attend.

Social Media
Social media is your best friend when it comes to event marketing. Most people get their information from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others. Go where your audience is. Don’t hop on every channel; choose your platform wisely so you don’t spread yourself thin. Build momentum for your event by running contests and giveaways. Competitions help boost engagement and attendance. Consider partnering with a company that will provide their products as a prize. Where is your audience?

When to Promote
It’s important to set a timeline on when to start promoting your event. Consider these tips when promoting:

  • Three weeks before the event, submit your event to listings.
  • Two weeks before the event, send out emails to your subscribers.
  • One week before the event, publish and promote the event on social with your branded hashtags.
  • Deliver a reminder email four days before your event.

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