Fun and Fancy Fundraisers

Everyone loves supporting a good cause, and it’s all the better when doing so means getting to attend a fun event. You want your fundraiser to be memorable, popular, and most importantly, successful. A fundraiser’s success is measured in two parts: how much money it raised for the cause it’s supporting, and how much positive attention it received. In order to achieve this, your fundraiser should stand out. Orlando event planning professionals, Fun Planners, have got everything you need to ensure a successful and memorable fundraising event.

Play Ball!
Your fundraiser should have a main event, something that’s going to bring everyone together. Consider hosting a team sporting event, one that will be able to employ a large number of people. Get a slam dunk basketball team together, or break out the inflatable goal post for a game of flag football. Everyone will get a kick out of an exciting game of dodgeball, and people will come from all over to cheer on a kickball team. Whatever team sport you pick will be sure to draw in the crowds. Set up a concessions area for even more fun!

It’s Your Time to Shine
Each person has always wanted their five minutes of fame. Set up a stage and put on a show! Karaoke never fails to put people in good spirits, and a little talent show is sure to give you big results. A DJ can provide the perfect tracks for a dance-off or dance-a-thon. Got stage fright? No worries! Fun Planners has a variety of talented professionals who are sure to keep the show going.

The Main Event
Why settle for a simple bake sale? When supporting a good cause, you can never go too big. Consider hosting a large event for an extended period of time. This will allow a multitude of people to come and go as they please make donations throughout the event. A carnival can generate a lot of proceeds through ticket sales, and an inflatable obstacle course always pumps up the energy. Or consider giving back a small percentage of the donations as a prize at the end of the fundraiser. Hosting a casino night will attract a lot of hopefuls and keep everyone in good spirits as they try to win. An auction is another event that will attract crowds eager to win something. You can source your prizes from local venues and companies that will be happy to donate to your good cause.

When it comes to hosting a memorable and successful fundraiser, Orlando event planning company Fun Planners has got your back and can provide you with everything you need! Call 407-955-4949 or go online to receive a quote today.