DIY Team Building Exercises for the Office

When you’re doing a new exercise in the office for team building, sometimes people find it boring and monotonous. You want to find a team building activity that you can conduct in your office environment that actually works and gets your team excited. Doing the same old going around the room and saying your name and interesting fact is overused and will have your team rolling their eyes and disengaged from the exercise. Since Fun Planners helps coordinate several team building activities, we’re kind of an authority on the subject. Here are some DIY Florida team building exercises to break the ice for your office.

Pin It.

Whenever someone walks into the office for the first time that day, they take a pin out of a basket that’s been placed by the door. Each pin has something interesting on it like an icebreaker or conversation starter, and when team members encounter each other organically, they have a conversation starter with each person’s pin.


If you have a large whiteboard in your office in a communal area, you can have a chosen team member write a statement on the whiteboard that other team members can either agree or disagree with. Make two columns, one for agree and one for disagree, where you can have people sign their initials to the side that they would like to take. This is a more passive team building activity, where team members can come and participate on their own time, as to not interrupt the efficiency.

Office Bingo.

Organize a potluck lunch for everyone, where each person can choose what they’d like to bring. Then, conduct a bingo game during the lunch to keep everyone in the same room, engaged, and having fun. It’s the perfect way to break up the work week. Make sure you have bingo cards. You can even put a unique spin on the game by making the game about identifying unknown facts about each team member to reward those who know their coworkers best.

Coffee Pot.

Coffee pot can be done at a meeting or during a lunch break. It’s a highly-engaging game that resembles 20 Questions. You have the group generate a noun for a single player to guess, and as they guess the 20 yes or no questions, they replace the noun with the term coffee pot like “is the coffee pot an animal?”

There are several DIY team building icebreakers that you can do with your team. If your team is interested in some more high-level team building activities, contact Fun Planners today for a quote to coordinate and set up a Florida team building event for your organization.