Dance the Night Away

Whether you’re raising money for your own organization or for an intended philanthropy, you need a unique fundraiser that will attract the masses and generate a lot of donations. Dance-a-thons are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among colleges and high schools. They are high energy events that get a lot of people participating. Fun Planners, Orlando event planning professionals, have everything you need to get your show on the road.

The Run-Down
When hosting a dance-a-thon, you will want to secure some larger sponsors, like local businesses. Their donations will allow you to pay for the event setup, and in return, the sponsors can promote their businesses at booths at your event. Participants in the actual dance-a-thon will sign up, either as a team or individual, and pledge to raise a minimum amount of money. Dances will seek donations and pledges from friends, family, and coworkers before the event. As the person in charge of the event, you get to decide if you will charge participants for the number of hours they dance, or just assign a flat rate. Decide if a method of payment is preferred, or if you will accept all forms, such as cash, check, and even online payments. You will also need to assemble a leadership team of volunteers who will staff the event, ensuring that all participants follow the rules. Consider keeping your volunteers on a rotating schedule, as most dance-a-thons last anywhere between 12 and 24 hours.

Make It a Blast
Your event should be held in a large, indoor location, such as a school gym or arena. After determining logistics like time and budget, you will want to recruit dancers by marketing your fundraiser. Hype up your event by hiring a live band or DJ to keep the tunes going all night long. Sell merchandise with your brand to commemorate the night. Decorate to a theme, or simply use light-up enhancements to keep your party going. Offer refreshments at a concession stand, or even sell tickets to attend a breakfast to refuel your dancers after the event. Lastly, allow late-comers to purchase tickets at the door. The more dancers out there on the floor, the bigger the success of your event will be.

Try something different, energetic, and fun. Host a dance-a-thon for a night to remember, and to ensure funds raised for your philanthropy. Visit Orlando event planning company Fun Planners online or call 407-955-4949 for everything you need to hold the best dance-a-thon ever.