Crafting the Perfect Family-Friendly Corporate Gathering

Are you planning on hosting a family-friendly corporate gathering? There are some special considerations that should be made. Being considerate and planning for appropriate entertainment, like Orlando inflatable rentals, will help to create a family atmosphere.

Be Considerate When Coordinating

When planning a corporate gathering for families, special considerations need to be made. First, consider who you are inviting and what dates and times might work best. If children are being included in the gathering, it is likely best to schedule the party for a weekend afternoon when they are out of school and before their bedtime. Being considerate will go a long way when planning for families!

Choose an Appropriate Venue

Choosing a very formal venue probably would not make sense for a family-friendly event. Instead, look for a venue that might have entertaining features built in. Maybe there is an outdoor park or an amusement park that would fit well with your event plans. A corporate picnic might be perfect for the family!

Plan a Kids’ Meal

Food is an important aspect of any good party, and one thing you absolutely cannot forget to do is plan a kids’ meal. Children can sometimes be very particular and it will relieve a lot of stress from parents if there is an alternative food option. Choices could include pizza, chicken, hot dogs, and more.

Include Family-Friendly Entertainment

It is paramount that both the parents and the children enjoy themselves during a corporate event. Entertaining both can be a challenge, but Fun Planners can make it easy. Your event can feature Orlando inflatable rentals which can create competition and interaction between families. Consider hiring face painters, a DJ, and even balloon artists to keep children entertained and happy. Unique activities like giant slides and carnival games will help your corporate event stand out.

Without a doubt, Fun Planners can assist you in creating a wonderful, family-friendly event. We can provide games and activities, like Orlando Inflatable rentals, as well as catering and entertainment. Our services take the hassle out of party planning. The possibilities are endless! You bring the people, we bring the fun. Call us today at 407-955-4949.