Choosing the Theme and Entertainment for Your Event

Planning a fundraising event can be pretty stressful, especially if you’re the one in charge! One way to make sure your event is a total success is by having a theme and quality entertainment. Fun Planners can give you both, no doubt.

Why does my event need a theme? Having a theme for an event is an easy way to unify the diverse groups of people that will be attending said event. Themes provide familiarity in a room full of people you may not know, and they’re a lot of fun too. Dressing to theme isn’t necessary, although you should definitely encourage it. Having a theme also helps you when it comes to decorating your event space. A theme gives the event a clean, organized feel and makes attendees feel immersed in the world your event is attempting to create for them…just for that night anyway! Casino nights and poker tournaments are among some of the common and extremely fun themes that are appropriate for most fundraisers. Casino gaming not only keeps everyone entertained for long periods of time, but also provides additional opportunities for sponsorships and revenues from guests. Poker Tournaments attract all sorts of crowds at fundraisers. They are a great way to get guests to meet each-other and converse, while playing a fun game. Fun Planners produces the most professional tournaments, impressing the seasoned players yet still catering to the novice.

Entertainment is a must at any event. Whether it’s big or small, an event will be more successful if there are enough elements that will amaze the guests. Acrobatic performers, caricature artists and illusionists are among the most common entertainers at events. The entertainment can also tie into your theme. If you’re having a casino night, turn it into Vegas night and have some Vegas Show Girls and Fire Performers. Most planners use the hired entertainment to blend the night’s theme into one spectacular experience.

If you are looking to turn your next Orlando event into an unforgettable occasion, give Fun Planners a call at 407-880-3251.