Building a Team

Taking a group of people and asking them to work as a team isn’t always easy. When hiring, you probably seek out strong individuals with amazing sales skills, who are self motivated and can work independently. The problem with this type of thinking comes when you expect these people to work as a team. Often, competition builds amongst your employees. This is a big waste of energy and time and no doubt, your bottom line will suffer.

Here are some ideas that can help build a more effective team:

1) When team building, concentrate on sales goals, etc. that will produce a greater result if worked on by the group versus individually.

2) In the event that your employees have more than one boss, be sure that the managers are working together. Having the coaches on the same page alleviates confusion and stress.

3) A team needs clear direction in order to be effective. Make sure your players understand what you expect of them.

4) Like all teams, proper and continuous training is what separates the winners from the losers. Fun Planners can make your Orlando corporate event planning and team building unique and effective.

Event planners and coordinators can contact Fun Planners and we will tailor a program to specifically fit your group’s needs, size and objectives!

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