What to Avoid in a Team Building Event

Team building is an important concept that every company should invest in, and nobody has stressed this more than Fun Planners. Successful Florida team building activities build trust among coworkers and make the workplace more productive and stress free. However, just as there are certain ways to build trust in team building exercises, that trust can also diminish if the exercises are not handled correctly. Here is a list of things to avoid when planning your next team building event.

  • Focus on cooperation, not competition – team building is about generating connections between coworkers. Competition in fun will only fuel competition in the work place, which will only work to drive teams and coworkers apart.

  • Don’t do the same thing every time – using the same routine every time you host a team building event will make people lose interest in the activity, and the objective will be lost. Take some time to find new activities that will keep their interest and ensure that the event achieves its goal.

  • Don’t focus on work or the team building itself – while it is important to make the activities conductive of building teamwork; don’t make that the focus of the event. Focus on the fun so that everyone can relax and have a great time. The teamwork that is built will be remembered on a positive note.

  • Make sure everyone can participate – remember that not everyone in the group has the same physical or mental capabilities. Make sure the activities are something everyone can participate in so that nobody is left hanging on the sides.

  • Get away from the office – Make sure you plan your event away from the office. Staying away from the workplace allows more focus into the activities and a greater chance of success.

  • Don’t skimp out on the amount of events you have – team building is something that should be practiced regularly, much like any activity you train for. Don’t limit your events to just once or twice a year; make them a regular part of your company’s activities.

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