Sink Your Teeth into our Costumes

Let’s face it, vampires are the biggest thing to happen since our fascination in wizards.  It’s in print, movies, television, and the hearts of envious fang-fans all over the world.  If you’re thinking about getting into a sanguine-styled costume this season, Fun Planners offers all the items you need to strike terror into the residents of suburbia.  Some of our items include:

  • Fake blood
  • Plastic Fangs
  • A Dracula Costume that will make you look just like Bela Lugosi
  • All the accessories you need to make your presence known

It’s never too early to start shopping for Halloween costumes.  It’ll give you time to tweak your threads or prepare yourself if something starts culturally trending.  If you’re not into the whole vampire phenomenon, we have plenty of other great costumes that are X-Men and Star Trek themed, and even a Santa Suit if you want a multi-use accessory for the holidays.  We have the supplies for you to even throw a zombie, PSI, or vampire themed party!

To learn more about our huge selection of themed events and parties, contact the Orlando party planning experts at Fun Planners today.  Call us today at 407-880-3521.