Maintaining the “Fun” in Fundraising

The success of your fundraiser depends on your action plan and the amount of activities involved. If you are asking people to donate their time and money, you better make the event enjoyable. Here at Fun Planners we make it easy for you! Don’t sweat the small details. We provide various fundraising themes that will entertain your guests and leave them satisfied (with slightly less money that went towards the selected charity). Our themes range from the classic fundraising Casino Night, the recent trend of Poker Tournaments, to Festivals, that a whole community can enjoy! Whatever your preference may be, we cater to the needs of any fundraising, corporate or Orlando team building events.

Here are a few tips to make your fundraising event successful:

1.) Knowledge and Awareness – Be sure to properly educate your guests about the selected charity. People want to know where their money is going and how it’s being spent!

2.) Publicity – Whether it be by word of mouth, posters or fliers, your event is more likely to be successful if you advertise it enough. Try to find unique ways to promote your event, like through social media!

3.) Be Understanding – The hardest part of fundraising is accepting the word “no.” Not everyone wants to donate but you have to be understanding and stay positive.

4.) Be Confident and Enthusiastic – If you stay optimistic about reaching your fundraising goal and you truly believe in the charity you are supporting, people are more likely to support it as well.

5.) Stay Organized – If your event is poorly planned, the chaos will drive people away and the focus of the fundraiser will be lost.

6.) Use Your Contacts and Networking Skills – You never know until you try! Use your connections to your advantage to draw more people to the fundraiser.

7.) But most of all, have FUN!

Fun Planners can help you create hands on and exciting fundraisers and Orlando team building events that are fun for everyone in the office. Call us at 1-866-511-4FUN to learn more about our services and to start your planning today!