How to Throw a Successful Florida Corporate Event

Any partnership requires give and take on both sides. Here at Fun Planners, we consider our clients to be our partners.  While we have the experience and materials you need to make your event a success, there are some things that you need to do, both before and after the event. This will not only help us ensure that your Florida corporate event runs smoothly, but it will help you with future corporate event endeavors.

Let’s begin with some pre-event requirements:

  • First things first, be very selective when choosing a location. Venues are sometimes chosen months or even years before the actual event. The location, whether outdoor or indoors, needs to be able to endure sudden increases in attendees, while supporting technological requirements and food services. The venue should also provide a fun and safe environment for interaction between guests.

  • Plan the flow of the event based on how a guest will experience it. There is a good chance that some problems will occur. No Florida corporate event is immune from technology malfunctions, meal delays or an overabundance of bodies in a short amount of time. Double and triple check the attendee flow with your planner. Walk the exact path that your guests will walk to make sure the timing is accurate and reduce attendee traffic jams.

  • Break the bank on great guest speakers. Engage your attendees with fantastic content and engaging speakers. Do plenty of research and select the perfect speaker to fit the audience’s needs. If your guests are not engaged by the corporate event content then your attendees may not take home as much information as you had hoped.

  • Be extravagant. Maintaining a budget is an important part of planning a Florida corporate event; however, making an event extravagant will make it memorable in the eyes of your attendees. Your event planners can help you make financially responsible decisions while providing your guests with an enthralling experience from beginning to end.

Now for a post-event requirement:

  • Request attendee feedback. Either provide your guests with a comfortable and safe environment to provide honest information about their experience, or send it via email, so they can complete it from the comfort of their own homes. Create a brief survey with a mix of quantitative (5-scale Likert questions) and qualitative (short answer) questions. Remember to keep your survey brief and consider adding an incentive to increase participation, such as a raffle or a gift card. Ask questions about content, instructors, the learning environment and program objectives.

While we at Fun Planners are committed to ensuring the success of your Florida corporate event, an effective partnership between event planner and host can help make that triumph easy and stress-free. Careful preparation and post-event follow-ups will allow us to guarantee your future events will surpass the previous ones. Contact Fun Planners at 1-866-511-4FUN for help on your next Florida corporate event.