Go Green for Your Next Fundraiser

Going green is beneficial in many ways. You are helping reduce pollution, toxins, energy use, and even global warming. Planning a green event for your company will show your employees the advantages of helping out the environment. Combining it with fundraising can be an interesting twist on things. Show people that your company cares about the environment by using these Orlando event management plans for fundraising.

  • Flowers: An easy “green” item to offer to people are flowers. There’s a great demand for these beautiful plants with birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays occurring year round. Buyers can pick out their own selection of flowers for a perfect display. You’ll be happy about bringing a smile to a person’s face while contributing to the environment as well.
  • Coffee and Tea: Coffee is every one’s favorite drink around the office and beyond. It is a simple and environment-friendly resource for your fundraising needs. This idea is sure to be a hit no matter who it’s sold to. There are multiple flavors and blends of coffee, and it’s also less fattening and sugary than your average fundraiser foods. Not a coffee person? Include a few types of tea to your fundraising list to satisfy the masses.
  • Sports-Related Fundraisers: Walk-A-Thons, Bowl-A-Thons, Soccer Tournaments, any kind of sport can be turned into an impressive way to raise money. Host some kind of physical activity with your company and open it up to the public to attend. Set up donation boxes for food and drinks to keep your guests and your wallet happy. Bring wide-scale attention to your outdoor event and think about starting annual fundraisers involving sports.
  • Photos: Help people capture their memories while staying eco-friendly. This fundraiser is quite a deal with customers being able to take three quality photos at a local portrait studio for just $10. They’ll be excited that they’re saving money and the planet at the same time.



Bringing in a green fundraiser can spruce up your company’s image and have an impact on the planet. Some people only buy eco-friendly products, so going green allows you to reach out to more demographics. More information on green fundraisers and Orlando event management can be found on our website, or by calling 1-866-511-4FUN.