Clarifying Team Roles and Responsibilities

Team building requires the determination of a group to work together by building relationships among team members. Team building is also used to set goals for a team and understanding the strengths of each member that can help reach those goals. When planning an event, one of the biggest challenges for a team to face is determining the individual roles and responsibilities.

Recognizing team roles allows the leader of the team or company to match an individuals’ job requirements with the appropriate employee skills, enabling the benefit of balanced teams! Having a balanced team of leaders, those who designate the work, and of problem-solvers can help negotiate solutions to a problem. Too many problem-solvers may spend too much time on a number of different ideas, while a team of leaders may lack anyone to propose creative solutions.

Teams tend to work more cohesively if the each member recognizes their individual roles. With roles defined, collective work, cooperation, and coordination will allow teams to succeed. Another important factor in team performance is the familiarity of team members with each other. The more comfortable team members are with one another, the more likely the team will perform better simply because it allows team members to share information and engage one another to find effective solutions to problems.

Without a common goal, it can be difficult for a group to become a team. Team building events allow groups to define roles while working together towards a specific goal, something that translates into a professional setting.

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