5 Fun Inflatables for Your Event

Here at Fun Planners our Orlando inflatable rentals are the standard for fun! We guarantee that our inflatables will bring enjoyment to any event. Are you looking for a classic inflatable, a multiplayer inflatable, or one that will leave you on the edge of a competitive streak? Consider these inflatables to give your next event the fun your guests will love!

  • Surf machine simulates a Florida fun-in-the-sun experience at any time. Keep your balance as you rip and ride the waves in the quest to last 10 seconds on the surfboard. Look out, you may crash into the waves sooner than you think!
  • Our classic, Moonwalk, is ideal for our little inflatable fans at heart from toddlers to 10 year olds. Jump to great heights at your own pleasure in our 20’ x 20’ or 15’ x 15’ option. Play a game of moonwalk popcorn or duck duck goose. In whatever you do, each step will keep you bouncing on an inflatable moon.
  • There is enough space for anyone to fall, but the last player standing wins the accolades. Battle in Gladiator Pedestal Joust where four players attempt to knock the opponents off of their pedestals with cushioned jousts. Play as a team of two or last player standing. Aim on target and keep away from your opponent’s hits. For the same fun but less players, we also have our two-player Joust inflatable option.
  • Make it a sports day, and use our Orlando inflatable rentals to play a game of basketball, soccer and basketball hoop all in one. Our Inflatable Sports: 3 Play includes Football Quarterback Toss, Soccer Goal Kick, and a Basketball Hoop Shot Challenge. This inflatable will keep your event guests taking on the challenge of becoming a multi-star athlete before the event ends.
  • Call him Cameron the Caterpillar, who is equipped with a fully enclosed obstacle that any child from ages 3 to 10 years old will enjoy! This inflatable has a bright appearance and fun size that is just right for any occasion.

At Fun Planners, we are always excited about making your event an enjoyable experience. Are you looking for an Orlando inflatable rentals? Our inflatables are ready to create a fun atmosphere for your event! Call us at 407-955-4949 today!