4 Unorthodox Event Venues That’ll Help Your Event Steal the Show

When finding an event venue with your Orlando event management team, it’s always important to keep an open mind. Choosing an event isn’t easy, but if you go into the process with one set idea, you’re likely to be disappointed and frustrated if your idea is not a viable option.

Your venue is a major part of your guest’s event experience–don’t settle for the same location that everyone else has used for their special events in the past. Your attendees crave new experiences, make your event an adventure and your guests are sure to remember it for years to come. Event venues should always be appropriate for the type of event that’s being hosted, if the event’s purpose is to provide structured presentations or an open networking opportunity, take these factors into consideration when brainstorming. Here are 4 ideas for unorthodox event venues that will help your event steal the show.

  1. Leave the event in the parking lot! You can do a lot of really interesting things with a parking area. Whether it’s a parking garage or an open field that’s usually used as an overflow parking lot, consider a space like this for an event. Have a local car club sponsor the event and provide cars to be parked in rows in front of a blow-up screen. Now, you have a drive-in-movie presentation stage. The top story of a parking garage will also provide your guests with a beautiful view–for added convenience let them park their cars on the lower floors. If you’ve been saving for over a year on this event, let your Orlando event management team turn the whole parking garage into a multi-level extravaganza. The top floor can provide networking and relaxing areas for attendees and the bottom floors can have different themes or cater to different aspects of the event. This location is perfect for day or evening events.

  2. Don’t neglect the dayclubs! To no surprise, nightclubs are often pretty empty during the day. All the venue essentials are already there and they’re usually already decorated and themed appropriately. Using the nightclub for a venue gives you the opportunity to spice your event up and entertain your guests in a fun and exciting way.

  3. Take them on an adventure on the airport tarmac or hangar! This location allows you to keep a lengthy guestlist. Small, commuter, or suburban airports usually close earlier than large airports, allowing you to host your event right on the runway. The added bonus of an airport is the availability of an indoor hanger in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. With this location, be creative with your theme and decor, and take your guests on an international adventure.

  4. Inspire your attendees in an art gallery! Use the theme of featured artists to build on your event’s theme. Use canvas’ and paint brushes’ to enhance your attendees event experience. This venue is all about creativity and imagination–let your attendees express their ideas and grow during your memorable event.

With all of these unique event venues, have fun and be creative during the planning process. Always do your research and consider your budget before falling in love with any venue. Your event should create a lasting impression with your audience, try selecting an unconventional event venue for your next special event. For more information on planning an event, contact the Orlando event management experts at Fun Planners. Share this post and tell us some of your unorthodox event ideas, or take our ideas and gives us some suggestions of how you would expand upon them, making the ultimate event experience. Get as creative as possible!