Impress Your Guests With Unique Dining

It’s no secret that people are easily motivated by food. Promising that your next event will be an exciting night filled with delicious food is an easy way to attract plenty of guests! Instead of sticking with the traditional plated dinner, here are a few fun ways to switch up the food at your next event.

Interactive Displays: The “create-your-own” route is simple but offers unlimited combinations for guests to customize their food. Options are endless: rice bowls, sandwiches, pasta dishes, macaroni and cheese bowls, potatoes, french fries, Philly cheesesteaks, tacos, nachos, snow cones, S’mores, popcorn, and more. For an event where you hope to offer healthy options, guests can create their own salad, avocado toast, or even smoothie. All you need is to make sure you set out a wide variety of sauces, spices, and toppings!

Depending on how sophisticated your event will be, you could plan to have a hibachi grill at every table so your guests can enjoy dinner and a show. Another great option is to set up fondue pots and hot stones for each table! Guests can grill their meats to their preferred “doneness” level and enjoy the savoriness of meat and cheese, as well as the sweetness of fruit and chocolate.

Don’t forget to include “create your own drinks” as well! Set up an Italian soda bar, hot chocolate bar, or mimosa bar.

Stick With a Theme: This works especially well if you can pair your food with the theme of your event. For example, a summer luau pairs well with fresh fruit or barbecued kabobs and pineapple; a black tie event might be the perfect place to offer hibachi or fondue. The food is also a great way to pay tribute to the delicious food from other cultures by theming your night around the food of another country!

Breakfast Food: It’s hard to go wrong when choosing to offer breakfast for dinner! Many breakfast food options work perfectly into an interactive display; you could offer a biscuit bar, crepe and waffle station, or a “pour your own” pancake griddle set up on each table. For fancier events, aim to create more of a brunch atmosphere with beautiful pastries, an omelette bar, and mimosas.

Family Style Dinner: Serving meals family style, or from large serving platters laid out on each table, is an excellent conversation starter!

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