What To Look For in a Bounce House Rental Company

Most people when shopping for Inflatable Party Rentals in Orlando look for the company with the cheapest price. This is not necessarily the best idea. Cheap may mean dirty or old equipment. It also may mean that the Orlando Inflatable Rental Company you are doing business with has not filed their business paperwork or have insurance. A well run bounce house company will deliver on time or call if they are delayed. They will make sure that the bounce house is situated in a safe and accessible location and has been properly cleaned. They will properly secure the bounce house and make sure it is running properly before they leave.

Cleanliness means that the bounce house is clean and has no off odor. Bounce houses can really stink if they are put away wet. The sour rancid smell is noticeable, but can be removed on all vinyl portions of the bounce house with appropriate cleaners. If your bounce house seems dirty or smells, ask the delivery person to clean it. They should have cleaning supplies on hand. Some bounce houses have rope mesh where surface cleaning will not eliminate the odor.

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Fun Planners offers unique inflatable rentals like surf simulators, boxing rings, multiple obstacle courses, activity bounce houses, over-sized inflatable version of popular games like Twister and Foosball, and the list goes on.

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