Having the Ultimate Sporting Event

We in Orlando are not deterred by the 3-1 lead the Hawks have on the Magic right now.  In fact, it’s more the reason now to have an event for the next game, and every game after including the NBA finals, MLB finals, and the ever-approaching start of NCAAF and NFL.  Remove the boundaries from your beloved mancave and have an event where we supply projectors, plasma monitors, and audio systems to create a mantopia!   We supply the means of fully engaging you in a sporting event that would make the actual sports game attendees question if their front row seats are as exciting.

All you have to do is choose the venue.  FunPlanners can then go in and not only create audio and visual bliss for you, your friends, and family, but we can even go so far as making the environment provoke more of the senses.  Rooting for Superman will be more fun than you ever imagined.

Fun Planners can bring you the sporting event of a lifetime without you having to finagle with shady scalpers or cash out your 401k for travel costs.

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