Customer Feedback

Recently we received some feedback from one of our clients that I want to share regarding our equipment and staff:

“Last night went VERY well! We were so extremely pleased with the games and the staff! The games were in great condition, you would never know that they are trucked back and forth to events, truly a testament to how you respect your inventory!  I can’t wait until we work together again!

Kind Regards,


“I just wanted to tell you what a success the blackjack table was during our conference! I attribute this wholly to Laura. She was incredible; outgoing and personable, patient and professional.

Your delivery team was great, as well. They were on time, efficient and helpful.

Should we find ourselves in Florida again, we will definitely use your services!

Thank you for making our event a hit!


This prompted me to explain why Fun Planners has a reputation for being one of the best amusement rental companies in Florida and the reasons so many of our customers are repeat business. We have very high standards and demand a lot from the equipment and staff.

In building our reputation we have realized it is worth buying the best quality equipment available, we do a lot of research before we purchase anything new for the inventory to ensure the equipment will meet our demands. Quite often we have our equipment specially designed and made for us to meet the standards we require. Each item in the inventory has its own storage and transportation protective covering. Before any equipment leaves the warehouse it is checked for operation and cleanliness. We schedule regular maintenance days where the warehouse team inspects and repairs any equipment that may require attention.

Our Staff are proud to be members of the team and strive to improve our reputation at every opportunity. All of the staff are expected to maintain a “clean cut” look and are provided with company shirts to wear and everyone receives customer care training so that they are aware of how their actions and behavior is seen by our customers.

FUN PLANNERS is dedicated to providing exceptional special events, arcade rentals, company picnics, corporate meetings and parties, fundraisers, themed parties, casino nights and much more in Orlando and throughout Florida. We create turnkey, impressive environment through professional means; a stress free and full service production that produces exciting, entertaining events and ensures gleeful clients and fulfilled expectations.

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