Custom Prize Wheel

Our 60” diameter prize wheel is fully customizable. It makes a big impact and will help draw traffic to any booth or event space. Your guest will be drawn by your brightly colored graphics and the chance to win prizes. Whether in a trade show booth or out at a street event the noise and excitement a prize wheel generates will ensure that you always have potential customers heading your way.

Let Fun Planners bring the fun to you. We offer corporate event and picnic services to organizations and businesses in Orlando and Central Florida. Call Fun Planners today to learn more about our event planning services.

Family Fun Day

We recently put on a huge Family Fun Day Company Picnic at the beautiful Pines at Windermere Park. The Family Fun Day included plenty of activities for both adults and children to enjoy. The families could hardly contain their excitement as they entered the park and saw all our large inflatables, carnival booths, dunk tank, rock wall bungee jump combo and so much more!

Guest were able to escape the heat at The Pines at Windermere Park by retreating to the indoor air-conditioned pavilion to enjoy delicious BBQ catering and an arcade/game room fully equipped with air hockey tables, dance simulators, foosball tables, and more! As the guest entered the room it felt as if they were truly “Under the Big Top” as the entire building was transformed with whimsical red and white fabrics and beautifully decorated tables with carnival themed centerpieces.

Back outside, the parents could sit in the shade provided by the big red and white striped tent and enjoy watching their children win prizes at the Carnival Booths and do triple flips on the Bungee Jump Combo! As the Florida sun shone bright, everyone was able to cool off with delightful ice cream treats and frozen snow cones.

Everyone had the opportunity to commemorate the day by taking a family photo which was printed onsite for the guests to keep!

FUN PLANNERS is dedicated to providing exceptional special events, arcade rentals, company picnics,corporatemeetings and parties, fundraisers, themed parties, casino nights and much more in Orlando and throughout Florida. We create turnkey, impressive environment through professional means; a stress free and full service production that produces exciting, entertaining events and ensures gleeful clients and fulfilled expectations.

Letter of Appreciation

It is wonderful to receive letters of praise from our customers, we wanted to share this one!


First let me begin by saying that you made this picnic planning so easy for me. You were patient and you understood exactly what we needed and definitely delivered.

My thoughts:

  • DJ AL- five stars…… he was so much fun, knew the perfect songs to play, kept the party going even when it started to die down. He was funny and energetic and everyone loved him he even surprised us with a hula hoop game that brought everyone out of their shells.
  • Face painter– she was sooo very sweet, everyone thought she was perfect for this picnic and she made everybody “pretty” even the guys J she even did a full face of spider man on one of my adult employees!
  • Caricature artist– he was great and although he had a line the entire time he was there, he remained patient with all of us and he did a phenomenal job on everyone, especially me and my husbandJ

One of the attendees asked me for your card so she can use you for her company party because she was so impressed by how ours turned out.

My company and I just wanted to say thank you and we will definitely spread the word about your work and again please thank your team for their hard work and I will be in touch with you again in March to plan another one.


Celebrate the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards!

Are you addicted to soap operas? Do you enjoy watching your favorite chefs create amazing dishes? Do you often find yourself channeling your inner lawyer during courtroom programs? Do you wake up every day with coffee and talk shows? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, Fun Planners has another question: why not throw a Daytime Emmy Awards Show party for you and your closest friends?

The 39th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards will be presented on June 23rd at the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills at 8:00 PM EST. These awards recognize outstanding achievement in all fields of daytime television production and are presented to individuals and programs broadcast from 2:00 AM-6:00 PM during the 2011 calendar year.

At Fun Planners, we understand that you probably won’t be able to fly out to Los Angeles to attend the gala and event, so we will bring the party to your through our online party store! From headgear to noisemakers, we have all the accessories you will need!

Customize your decorations with solid color tableware in practically any color you could imagine. Go classic and timeless with early 1920’s style headbands, hats, and other accessories. Why not add a personalized banner? Our online party store has endless themes to customize your decorations. As always, don’t forget the gifts and favors!

With Fun Planners’ online party store, you can make any party a success!  Or, if you want to avoid the stress of party planning, Fun Planners has all the tools and skills necessary to make your event the talk of the town. To learn more about our Orlando party planning services, fill out our online contact form or give us a call today at (407)880-3521.

Virtual Sports Simulators

Planning a sports themed event this summer, but the Florida heat is making it difficult to enjoy the outdoors?  Fun Planners has a wide variety of Virtual Sports Simulators which will allow you to play the sports indoors and beat the heat!

Play 18 holes of golf on our Virtual Golf Simulator.  Our NEW Virtual Sports Simulator has five sports in one and can easily switch between the different games.  Practice your free-throw with Virtual Basketball.  Perfect your pitch with Virtual Baseball.  Prove your slap-shot skills with Hockey.  Complete a game winning field goal in Football.  Or kick the ball past the world class goal keeper in a head to head shoot out!  Fun Planners can even incorporate your company or event logo into the game graphics!

Fun Planners is Central Florida’s number one event planning company. For more information on our Virtual Sports Simulators, please call 407-880-3521 to speak to one of our event specialists.

Cool Off with a Budget-Friendly Summer Party

The last day of school is right around the corner, which means that the planning for countless summer parties will begin! We understand that the planning process is not only stressful, but can become quite costly extremely quickly. Consider following these tips to make your next party budget-friendly.

Instead of buying party invitations from your local party supply store, try adding a personal touch with scrapbook paper! Scrapbook paper can be found at craft stores such as JoAnn’s or Michaels. You can be even more economical and use this scrapbook paper to create personalized banners, or even placemats at the table.

If you have a membership card to wholesale stores such as BJs, Sam’s Club, or Costco, try going there for all of your food-related supplies. Don’t forget the burgers, hot dogs, buns, condiments, and drinks! Or, you can save even more money by using food items that you already have in your pantry and fridge. Try utilizing spices you don’t typically use by putting them in salads or other side dishes. Canned foods also work wonderfully—you can use that can of garbanzo beans to add a unique item to your appetizer platter!

It’s a summer party, so cool down with some frozen treats! Popsicles, frozen fruits, and flavored ice cubes are inexpensive and are incredibly fun.

There are countless ways to make your summer party enjoyable, all while being friendly to your wallet. Remember, have fun with it!

To make your summer party even more stress-free, have the professionals at Fun Planners do all of the work for you! To learn more about the party planning services we offer, give us a call today at (407)880-3521.

Choosing the Theme and Entertainment for Your Event

Planning a fundraising event can be pretty stressful, especially if you’re the one in charge! One way to make sure your event is a total success is by having a theme and quality entertainment. Fun Planners can give you both, no doubt.

Why does my event need a theme? Having a theme for an event is an easy way to unify the diverse groups of people that will be attending said event. Themes provide familiarity in a room full of people you may not know, and they’re a lot of fun too. Dressing to theme isn’t necessary, although you should definitely encourage it. Having a theme also helps you when it comes to decorating your event space. A theme gives the event a clean, organized feel and makes attendees feel immersed in the world your event is attempting to create for them…just for that night anyway! Casino nights and poker tournaments are among some of the common and extremely fun themes that are appropriate for most fundraisers. Casino gaming not only keeps everyone entertained for long periods of time, but also provides additional opportunities for sponsorships and revenues from guests. Poker Tournaments attract all sorts of crowds at fundraisers. They are a great way to get guests to meet each-other and converse, while playing a fun game. Fun Planners produces the most professional tournaments, impressing the seasoned players yet still catering to the novice.

Entertainment is a must at any event. Whether it’s big or small, an event will be more successful if there are enough elements that will amaze the guests. Acrobatic performers, caricature artists and illusionists are among the most common entertainers at events. The entertainment can also tie into your theme. If you’re having a casino night, turn it into Vegas night and have some Vegas Show Girls and Fire Performers. Most planners use the hired entertainment to blend the night’s theme into one spectacular experience.

If you are looking to turn your next Orlando event into an unforgettable occasion, give Fun Planners a call at 407-880-3251.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday held on the fifth of May every year, is celebrated in Mexico (primarily in the state of Puebla), as well as in the United States. In Mexico, this holiday commemorates El Dia de la Batalla de Puebla (The Day of the Battle of Puebla). In the US, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated to commemorate Mexican heritage and pride. Cinco de Mayo traditions include parades, mariachi music and street festivals in cities across Mexico and the United States.

Celebrate this historic Mexican victory with a grand fiesta. At Fun Planners, we have a comprehensive online store dedicated to all of your party supply needs, even Cinco de Mayo party supplies! Choose from our great selection of paper goods, decorations, candy bar wrappers, and accessories. Don’t forget the sombreros and maracas so that you can dance the Mexican Hat Dance!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Inflatable Rides and Carnival Games

Are you planning an event, but need a little flair to make this one different from the others? Try adding inflatable rides and carnival games! Fun Planners has one of the most extensive inventories of inflatable rides and carnival games in the state of Florida. If you are looking for high quality equipment and service at a very affordable price, look no further than Fun Planners!

We offer unique inflatable rentals that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Surf simulators, boxing rings, multiple obstacle courses, activity bounce houses, and oversized inflatable versions of popular games like Twister and Foosball account for a small part of our massive inventory. In addition to unique inflatable rentals, we also offer carnival games where guests can interact and win prizes. These booths feature games such as duck pond, cork gun shoot, ring toss, and much more!

Maybe you want more than inflatables and carnival games—don’t worry! Your guests can fly high on one of our bungee jump stations, climb rock walls, and even enjoy a relaxing ride on our trackless train.

If you are planning an event, trust Fun Planners to make it extra special. With inflatable rides, carnival games, and other unique rentals, our team of experienced event planners can make your event one that guests will remember for years. To learn more about our services, please browse our online catalog, request an online quote, or give us a call today at 866-511-4FUN!

Hunger Games Themed Party

The Hunger Games movie premiered last night at midnight, and has already become a sensation. In fact, the movie, which is based off the trilogy created by Suzanne Collins, broke box office records before it even hit the theaters; statistics from Fandango claimed that over 2,000 theaters sold out during their midnight showings. If you’re a Hunger Games buff, celebrate the release with a Hunger Games themed party!

Before purchasing supplies from our online party store for your Hunger Games party, think about the color scheme you wish to use. We suggest using black, red, orange, and yellow (see Figure 1). decorations as these colors symbolize fire, a major theme of the trilogy. We offer these colors in various decorating accessories: plastic plates, square plates, paper plates, plastic cups, napkins, silverware, table covers, and table skirts (see Figure 2). Mix and  match these colors to your choosing for a unique party. Also, don’t forget the balloons! Our party store has a wide variety of any color balloon imaginable.

Figure 1: Yellow Square Plate
Figure 2: Red Table Skirt

For party favors, consider dimming the lights andusing glow decorations: our party store sells glow bracelets (see Figure 3), necklaces, cups, and even straws! Don’t forget to give your Tributes a gift bag to take home—we have black gift bags (see Figure 4) that would be perfect for your guests.

Figure 3: Orange Glow Bracelet
Figure 4: Black Gift Bag

In regards to games, you could even throw your own version of the 74th Annual Hunger Games, albeit a little more friendly. As always, Fun Planners is your destination spot for hot parties. If you are thinking about planning your own party, be sure to check out our online party supply store. If planning a party isn’t necessarily your forte, our trained event planners are experienced in creating your vision into a themed event. To schedule your next event today, give us a call at (407)880-3521.